Celebration of Life

Intimate or with hundreds of guests, outdoors or indoors : we honor the Memory and Life of your loved ones.

Composed by Vanessa, this video is a tribute to a young gentleman. It celebrates love and the power of music to heal and uplift.

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Celebration of Life

We understand that music can be a powerful source of comfort and healing during times of loss. Vanessa, a dedicated musician, offers compassionate and personalized musical services for funerals and memorials, providing solace through heartfelt performances.

Customized Musical Tributes

Vanessa works closely with families to create a bespoke musical experience that honors and celebrates the life of their loved one. Whether it's a favorite song or a piece that holds special meaning, Vanessa ensures each performance is a unique and touching tribute.

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Live Performances

Experience the warmth and emotion of live music at your ceremony. Vanessa's live performances add a personal and intimate touch, helping to create a memorable and meaningful service.

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Personal Touch

Vanessa's commitment to personalization means every detail is tailored to reflect the unique life and legacy of your loved one. She takes the time to understand your wishes and incorporates them into her performances.

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